Training World-Class Dancers

Training world-class dancers in state-of-the-art facilities that will attract international talent and retain national talent.  The athleticism of dance training has evolved enormously since our facilities were built in the mid-1990s, and such a suite is integral to support optimum physical health and injury prevention.  Most crucially the floor in the Poul Gnatt Studio needs to be levelled, repaired and re-sprung to ensure a healthy, safe floor to the well-being and safety of dancers.  Other facilities include a world-class Pilates studio to in line with the facilities enjoyed by major overseas dance companies, physio, massage and well-being suite, doubling of changing room space and toilets to accommodate a Company of 40 dancers.  All of this has the capacity to lengthen dancers’ career spans, and tour a higher quality of dance production nationally.   

Levi Teachout Artist Levi Teachout in rehearsal. Photo by Jeremy Brick

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