The Firebird: Online Premiere

On Friday 27 August, we launched The Firebird online! We shared a day of virtual pre-show excitement and post-show celebrations, including live Q&A with the choreographer, cast and crew on Zoom!

See what we got up to!

Coffee with the Choreographer
Choreographer Loughlan Prior Live on Facebook, answering your questions courtesy of our friends at L’affare.

The Firebird Glow Up!
Join RNZB Soloist Ana Gallardo Lobaina for a Firebird makeup tutorial.

Cocktails (and mocktails) with Dave and Dancers
Start getting ready for a night in your front row seat with a Firebird inspired cocktail/mocktail.  Follow an online workshop hosted by mixologist Dave Hawk and improvised interpretations from RNZB dancers.

Settle in for the Show
Join RNZB Choreographer Loughlan Prior, members of The Firebird cast and our guest host Aziz Al-Sa’afin for a brief introduction The Firebird.

Turn down the lights, get the popcorn and countdown to press play!

The Firebird Finale
Just because we are in lockdown doesn’t mean we can’t perform! A recreation of The Firebird’s final moments.

Firebird Broadcast 1080x1080 _0023

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