Faint starlight peeps through the dark forest canopy. It is midnight: the witching hour..

Alone and lost, two hungry children stumble towards a glowing vision of warmth and comfort, heaven for any child with an empty belly and an aching heart. But all is not as it seems…

Following its triumphant premiere in 2019, the Royal New Zealand Ballet’s acclaimed Hansel & Gretel returns for Christmas 2023. Loughlan Prior, with Claire Cowan and Kate Hawley, has created a magical world of memorable characters: a brave brother and sister; their loving parents who never give up hope; the mystical Sandman and his sparkling Dew Fairies; and the most delightful (or is she?) Ice Cream Witch… not forgetting the Man in the Moon, an array of spooky forest creatures, fantastical food and a sinister chorus line of pink-iced gingerbread men.

Laughter, tears, shivers down the spine, plenty of sugar and just a touch of spice together make a recipe for a truly happy ending and a wonderful ballet experience for all ages.

Behind the scenes
image Gallery
Nathan Mennis as the Sand Man with Dew Fairies
Hansel & Gretel on stage
Katharine Precourt as the Ice Cream Witch with Gingerbread Men
Act II, Kirby Selchow as Gretel and Shaun James Kelly as Hansel
Paul Mathews as the Transformed Witch and Shaun James Kelly as Hansel


Loughlan Prior


Claire Cowan


Kate Hawley


Jon Buswell

Projections & Animations

POW Studios


Hamish McKeich


Presented in association with Orchestra Wellington, Auckland Philharmonia, and Christchurch Symphony Orchestra