19 Sept - 08 Oct 2023

2023 Digital Season

Enjoy the magic of the ballet from the comfort of your own home!

In 2023 we will continue to invest in digital dance, bringing live performances out of the theatre and into your living room and offering you a fresh perspective on classic and contemporary works. Our digital year will include free broadcasts of short works and on-demand streams of full-length ballets, available for you to watch at home.

Our 2023 Digital Season:

  • Swan Lake Pas de Deux (previous broadcast)
  • Romeo & Juliet (previous broadcast)
  • Stand to Reason (previous broadcast)
  • Hansel & Gretel (upcoming broadcast)
Behind the scenes
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Upcoming Digital Broadcasts

Hansel & Gretel | Paid Broadcast
Available Early 2024


Following the live performance in 2023Hansel & Gretel will be presented for broadcast in early 2024. Laughter, tears, shivers down the spine, plenty of sugar and just a touch of spice together make a recipe for a truly happy ending and a wonderful ballet experience for all ages.

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How to purchase your digital access on Tikstream

1. Follow the link for the broadcast you wish to purchase when it becomes available on this show page. You must register for/purchase access to the broadcast prior to the applicable cut off time (see above).


2. Select the price you wish to pay (if applicable).


3. Fill in your Name and Email address, confirm your email address and press finalise booking.


4. Fill in your payment details – using a credit card or Google Pay (if applicable).


5. Press Pay to finalise your booking (if applicable).


6. You will be sent a unique access code and link to the email address you purchased with.


7. You will then be able to use your unique access code and link to view your broadcast during the applicable watch window.


8. Sit back, relax and watch the magic of the Royal New Zealand Ballet in your own home.

Digital Season FAQs

When can I watch performances online?

Please see above for the applicable watch window information for each digital broadcast. The booking/registration buttons will be n activated once the sales window is open.

Please note all ticket purchase and digital broadcast times are in New Zealand Daylight Time. A site such as timeanddate.com can assist you in determining your local time relative to NZDT, if you are planning to watch from outside New Zealand.

How do I access broadcasts?

Our digital broadcasts are available through Tikstream, our digital broadcast provider.

You can register for the broadcasts via the relevant link above. Once your purchase is completed, Tikstream will send you your access code and a link via email. You must register for your access code and view the broadcast prior to the cut off times listed above.

Your access code is unique to you and can only be used on one device.

You can watch on your computer or mobile device. There will be an option to cast the broadcast to your TV but different devices will need specific solutions. Please see information further down about how to cast Tikstream broadcasts.

Tikstream is a service available to people 13 years old and over.

How much does it cost to watch?

The White Swan Black Swan Pas De Deux from Swan Lake and Stand to Reason broadcasts for 2023 are available to watch at no cost. Pricing for Romeo & Juliet and Hansel & Gretel starts at $15, with a recommended price of $20.

The Royal New Zealand Ballet sets a minimum price to access paid broadcasts, with the option to increase your payment on a sliding scale on an optional basis. We would be grateful if you would consider paying more to help us cover our costs and to support the ongoing work of the Royal New Zealand Ballet, onstage, onscreen and in your community.

Please note that we’re currently unable to provide tax receipts for additional contributions made via Tikstream.

Why don’t you broadcast all productions?

There are many logistics involved when producing the online performances. In addition to filming live during dress rehearsals for archival purposes (often only with one or two cameras), we also have to organise separate filming schedules to capture close up shots and special angles. The post-production and distribution of the online performances requires a large amount of resource as well, so we have to be more selective with which programmes we make available digitally. This being said, we are excited to make ballet more accessible through online digital broadcasts, so we will continue exploring opportunities in this space.

I didn't receive my email or access code

Please email enquiries@tikstream.com and the support team will forward your ticket to you again.

I got bumped out / my connection dropped / the stream stopped

If you experience any issues with the stream, please try reloading the page. The Access Code will still work if you stay in the same browser you used it in.

My stream is loading/buffering for a long time

Video buffering or loading tends to be a temporary issue with internet speed. If you are experiencing longer video buffering or loading times, you can try testing your internet connection. Another option would be pausing your video after you first hit play to let the video buffer for a few minutes before attempting to watch the video again.

I'm unable to hear sound

If you cannot hear the performance, please check your system settings, as well as the individual browser tab volume settings. Depending on your browser, you may need to manually unmute the content, as some browsers mute content under various circumstances. If all else fails, try refreshing your browser tab. The Access Code will still work if you stay in the same browser you used originally.

The access page tells me my code is invalid or has expired, but I haven't used it yet

This could be a simple copy-paste issue. Please double-check the code you are entering is the same as the code in your email. The code is also case-sensitive. If you’re still having issues, please contact enquiries@tikstream.com

Also please note, we use cookies to recognise your browser once you’ve unlocked content using your Access Code. If you tend to browse in Private/Incognito browsers, we will not be able to recognise your browser after you use your code, and as such you may have issues with re-using your code on the same device you unlocked the content with. For peace of mind, please do not watch Tikstream content in Private/Incognito browsers.

Casting to your TV from various devices



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