Listening to our Ballet Community – a message from the Board of the Royal New Zealand Ballet

In December 2017, we announced our intention to undertake a programme to review and strengthen the connections between the ballet community and the RNZB.


The RNZB is supported and nourished by a diverse and enthusiastic community numbering in the many thousands.  Our audiences, our venues, our performing partners, the ballet schools, our funders, our sponsors, our donors, our Friends, our alumni and the many thousands that attend our free community and educational events collectively comprise our ballet community.


After a period of planning and preparation, we are now ready to undertake this project. The RNZB has asked Jane Clarke, an experienced arts executive, to plan and organise the programme and we are delighted that Jane agreed to assist us.


Key elements of the programme


  • We will invite comment and input from as many of our community as wish to participate.
  • We will undertake approximately 75 individual in-depth interviews with representatives from a broad cross section of the ballet community. Potential interviewees will soon be contacted personally, in order to arrange face to face or telephone interviews. Interviews will be carried out by Jane Clarke, members of the RNZB Board and members of the company’s senior leadership team.
  • We expect this phase will take about two months in order to give everyone plenty of opportunity to participate.
  • Jane Clarke will organise the collation of the responses and provide a report and recommendations to the RNZB Board.
  • We will publish a report and provide copies to everyone who participated. Currently we expect this will be on or about 31 August 2018.


Invitation to Participate


We want to hear from as many of our community as possible. If you are not approached for an individual interview, but would like to provide feedback, your comments can be sent to the RNZB Board at:
Steven Fyfe, Chair
Royal New Zealand Ballet
P O Box 27050


In doing so, you may wish to consider the following questions:

  • How well does the RNZB meet your expectations?
  • What could the RNZB do differently to better meet these expectations?
  • In your opinion, what does success look like for the RNZB?


Background Information

You may find the following interesting and informative.


2017 Annual Report, outlining our activities and achievements in 2017


2018 Annual Plan, outlining our strategy, key initiatives and goals and outcomes


The RNZB greatly appreciates the support and contributions made by all members of our diverse community. We look forward to keeping in touch and to sharing the results of this project.


Steven Fyfe, Chair, Royal New Zealand Ballet