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The Royal New Zealand Ballet Foundation

Be the support waiting in the wings.

Today’s rehearsal is tomorrow’s performance. Today’s lesson is tomorrow’s mastery. And a gift planned today is the future of the art form.

Remembering ballet in your will ensures that generations to come can continue to enjoy world class ballet in New Zealand.

Your legacy is important and personal. If you love dance, we warmly encourage you to consider supporting the art form through your legacy by including a gift to the Royal New Zealand Ballet Foundation Trust in your will.


The RNZB Foundation is an independent charitable trust (registration number CC47241) created to support, promote and advance classical ballet in New Zealand. The Foundation is building an investment fund, from which it will make grants in support of professional classical ballet in New Zealand. By including a gift to the RNZB Foundation in your plans, you will support the long-term success of both the RNZB and the art form more broadly.

A gift can be of any size and needn’t be cash: It could be property, a work of art, shares or a portion of whatever is left of your estate after you have provided for your family. The Foundation’s trustees would be delighted to discuss any ideas that you might have.

If you have already made arrangements to leave a gift to the Foundation or the RNZB and are happy to let us know, we would love to hear from you so that we may acknowledge your generosity during your lifetime, through inclusion in the company’s programmes and by involving you and your family in the company’s work.

For more information, such as how to become an En Pointe Patron or to begin a confidential discussion about making a gift in your will, please contact or visit

The Royal New Zealand Ballet Foundation

PO Box 10731
The Terrace
Wellington 6143
New Zealand

Patron: Jillian Friedlander

Ambassador: Dame Trelise Cooper

The Royal New Zealand Ballet Foundation Trustees are:

Jane Meares (Chair)
Lilias Bell (RNZB Representative)
Louise Binns
Sarah Cole
Ann-Louise Gower
Isaac Hikaka (RNZB Representative)
Melanie Morris
Victoria Muir
Ian Webster

If you have questions or wish to discuss your donation to the Royal New Zealand Ballet Foundation Trust, you can also contact the RNZB Philanthropy Manager, Elizabeth Isaacs, on 021 247 7744.

img_1590 Former RNZB dancer Clytie Cambell, photo by Louise Binns

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