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Pointe Shoe Fund

Keep our dancers on their toes!

Imagine if you bought a new pair of shoes every Monday and had to throw them out by Sunday because they were worn through?!

Each year the Royal New Zealand Ballet imports more than 1,000 pairs of pointe shoes. Friends’ memberships and donations to the Pointe Shoe Fund help to foot this bill.

Making a donation in support of the dancers’ shoes is one of the most practical ways in which you can support your national ballet company. Our dancers have to take good care of their feet, and all of our shoes have to be specially ordered from overseas.

The Friends of the RNZB have over the years made a significant annual contribution towards ‘keeping the dancers on their toes’. The RNZB invites you to add to their generous support by making a donation to our Pointe Shoe Fund – all donations are gratefully received.


GQ2680 Wellington, NZ. 15.08.2017. Romeo and Juliet, performed by the Royal New Zealand Ballet. Photo credit: Stephen A’Court. COPYRIGHT ©Stephen A’Court

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