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Join us to help create the RNZB’s latest commission, the Ryman Healthcare Season of Cinderella.

The ‘dream team’ which brought you 2019’s famed Hansel & Gretel, Loughlan Prior and Claire Cowan, reunite to create a feisty, funny and fabulous Cinderella presented in association with Orchestra Wellington, Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra and Christchurch Symphony Orchestra. Partner a Character is an exclusive opportunity to play a vital part in the creation of this adventurous new RNZB commission by aligning yourself with your favourite character, prop or integral piece of the set.

Click here to learn about Loughlan’s new voice for this classic tale and his vision for the characters; catch a glimpse of initial designs by Emma Kingsbury and learn about the supporter benefits available to you.

To learn more about this campaign, the characters or sponsoring more than one character, get in touch with Elizabeth Isaacs, Philanthropy Manager, on 021 247 7744.

Principal Roles


  • Cinderella – generously supported by Ros and Philip Burdon
  • Prince Charming – generously supported by Ros and Philip Burdon


  • Step Mother – generously supported by Jennifer Clark
  • Cinderella’s Father
  • Step Sister Madeleine
  • Step Sister Nicolette – generously supported by Erica McLean
  • Fairy Godmother – generously supported by Dr Tom and Mrs Ann Morris
  • The Queen – generously supported by Chris and Kathy Parkin


  • The Royal Messenger – generously supported by Gribble Family Trust
  • The Prince from a Neighbouring Land

Soloist Roles | $1,500 each

  • The Fab Five x5

Ensemble Roles | $300 each

  • Tapestry Weavers x3 – generously supported by Robert and Dinah Dobson
  • Royal Guards and Entourage x5 – generously supported by Sarah Bartlett and Tim Stephens
  • Mannequin Girls x6 – generously supported by Mary Lou
  • The Fencing Party x6 – generously supported by Craig Wedge
  • The Queen’s Hunting Party x3- generously supported by Frances Bell

Child Extras | $250 each

  • Child Tapestry Weavers x6 – generously supported by Peter Bertram and Tutus with Aroha
  • Fairy Godmother Helpers x10 – generously supported by Glenda L West

Major Props

  • The Fireplace – $2,500
  • The Ballroom Grand Staircase – $2,500
  • Swinging Chandeliers x2 – $1,500 each – generously supported by Anonymous
  • The Glass Slipper – $1,000 – generously supported by Anonymous
  • Cinderella’s Music Box – $600 – generously supported by Anastasia and Sophia Hickey
  • Champagne Towers x2 – $500 each – generously supported by Bryna O’Brien


Cinderella Photo Shoot BTS.00_05_34_03.Still007 Photographer Ross Brown, Principal Sara Garbowski and Soloist Kirby Selchow. Photo by Dan Harris. Stepsisters Madeleine and Nicolette Costume Design by Emma Kingsbury

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