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Help us to make Hansel & Gretel magnificent.

Join us to create a brand new major production – commissioned by the RNZB to delight audiences nationwide! – by choreographer Loughlan Prior, composer Claire Cowan and designer Kate Hawley.

Make a donation to our Annual Appeal. Choose your favourite character and help bring them to life onstage with your donation.

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For Christmas 2019, the Royal New Zealand Ballet is proud to present a new two-act ballet by RNZB Choreographer in Residence Loughlan Prior, with a specially commissioned score by Claire Cowan and costume and set designs by Kate Hawley. This major premiere brings together many of New Zealand’s creative talents to tell a timeless tale for audiences young and old.

Loughlan will bring a new voice to a classic tale, telling the story with humour while also addressing the underlying themes of child poverty and children’s rights.

Hansel & Gretel will be the first full length ballet score ever commissioned from a female composer in the RNZB’s history, performed live by Orchestra Wellington, the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra and the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra; a specially-made recording will accompany performances in other centres.

You can get involved in this production by making a donation. The most tangible way that you can do this is to help us with the costs of building the set and making costumes for the 72 characters, to be played by members of the company, who will be joined onstage by young dancers in each centre on the national tour.

Make your selection:

Loughlan Prior – choreographer 1 $5,000 Sponsored
Claire Cowan – composer 1 $5,000
Kate Hawley – designer 1 $5,000 Sponsored
Gretel 1 $10,000
Hansel 1 $10,000
Mother 1 $2,500 Sponsored
Father 1 $2,500
The Ice Cream Witch 1 $5,000
The Transformed Witch 1 $5,000
The Sand Man 1 $4,000
Queen of the Dew Fairies 1 $3,000 Friends of the RNZB fundraiser
King of the Dew Fairies 1 $3,000 Sponsored
The Witch’s Ice Cream Bicycle 1 $4,000
The Moon 1 $2,500 Sponsored
The Forrest 1 $2,500
The Ginger Bread House 1 $4,000
The Oven 1 $5,000
1920s Street Characters 15 $250
Ghost Child 6 $250
Bird – Child Extra 7 $500 5 Available
Dew Fairy 8 $1,000 6 Available
Gingerbread Boogieman 8 $300 7 Available
Gingerbread Waiter 8 $300 6 Available
The Chorus of Witches 8 $750 5 Available
Puppets 4 $1,400


Donate Now

When we consider choreographer, composer, costume design and creation, set design, lighting design, theatre rental and marketing, this new production of Hansel & Gretel will cost the RNZB upwards of $1.6 million.

We source grants and sell tickets, but this alone is not enough.

As a valued supporter of the RNZB who cares about the future of ballet, we invite you to help us raise $100,000 for this commission; to enable our local creative talents Loughlan Prior, Claire Cowan and Kate Hawley and to enliven audiences around New Zealand with this magnificent production for Christmas 2019.

We need you. Every gift, of any size, makes a difference.

For more information or to discuss a donation, please contact Bryna O’Brien-Kiddey, Philanthropy Manager, on 04 381 9030.

Donate online or Download the RNZB Donation Form

The Royal New Zealand Ballet is a charitable trust registered under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 (registration number CC25091). The Inland Revenue Department allows individuals to claim 33.33% rebate for all donations of $5 or more up to the value of their income.

RNZB dancers: Shaun James Kelly as Hansel, Kirby Selchow as Gretel. Photo credit: Nicola Edmonds

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