RNZB Prison Project

Dance as a carnal art, can provide moments of freedom, space and bodily transformations. Within the prison, dance provides a stark contrast to the physical environment and institutional practices. In prison, dance is often experienced as therapeutic as prisoners reconnect with their bodies and the environment through movement.
Professor Sylvie Frigon – Professor of Criminology at University of Ottawa

World wide there is a growing move to provide prisoners with an experience of dance as a means of improving confidence, self esteem, and in many cases increasing self awareness. For all the participants, but especially the women, this is a unique opportunity to express themselves in a safe environment.

After a successful trial in Wellington Women’s Prison in 2017 and 2018 the RNZB was invited to return to hold more workshops in 2019 and beyond. Subsequently we were given the opportunity to undertake workshops in the men’s prison in Wellington as well as the women’s prisons in Auckland and Christchurch. In 2022 the programme will be further expanded to include prisons in Dunedin

These programmes were made possible by the generous grants provided by The Kelliher Charitable Trust and Wellington Community Trust.

Arohata 3 RNZB Series of Dance Workshops at Arohata Women Prison, Tawa, 2021.

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