Venue Access Guides

Capitaine Bougainville Theatre, Forum North -Whangarei

General Information

Patrons with any accessibility questions should contact Katherine Tasker on 02102898557 or

There is accessible parking near both the front and side doors to the venue.

A virtual tour of the venue is available here.

Accessibility Information

There are two wheelchair spaces available, both with companion seats. Only Row J is wheelchair accessible, as all other seats are tiered.

Lift access is available for higher levels. There are also accessible bathrooms on site.

Patrons with vertigo are advised to avoid the Balcony seats.

Patrons attending with a guide dog are asked to contact the venue ahead of time to ensure there is sufficient space available for the dog.

There is currently no hearing aid loop.

Please don’t hesitate to inform the venue staff of any accessibility requirements prior to the show so that they can help as best they can.

Full theatre seats Forum North, Whangarei. Image courtesy of the venue.

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