FAQs – attending a performance

Top Tips for your Trip to the Ballet

Attending a live performance is a bit different than heading to the movies, here’s how to make your trip to the ballet a night (or afternoon) to remember!

Time Arrive with plenty of time to spare. We recommend giving yourself at least 20 minutes to arrive, take your seat and have a browse through the programme. You won’t want to miss a moment of the show.

Lock Outs may apply Depending on the show, the lock out period can range from a couple of minutes or until the first intermission, so we advise patrons to arrive with plenty of time to spare. A lock out period is important to not distract the dancers during their entrances or a particularly complex part of the show, or disrupt audience members during a quiet part in the music.

Refreshments Don’t forget to treat yourself to an ice cream or drink – will you choose to have yours before the show or at interval? Remember, listening to crinkly wrappers rather than beautiful music during the performance isn’t relaxing for anyone, perhaps leave the noisy snacks at home!

Using the loo You don’t want to be climbing over other audience members to get to the loo during the show – use the bathroom before the show or during intervals.

Tickets Have your tickets ready to go for ushers to send you in the right direction – better yet, check where you’re sitting and follow the signs! If you’re picking up your tickets, arrive at least 15 minutes early and keep an eye out for the two box offices, one is for ticket agency purchasers (through Ticketmaster, Ticketek etc) and the other is the RNZB box office for subscribers, media and other tickets purchased direct from the RNZB.

Transport Whether you are driving, busing, walking or bourrée-ing, make sure to do your research, plan ahead and leave plenty of time to spare. Check out your local venues website for their recommended public transport routes and parking locations.

Attire Wear whatever makes you feel fabulous, but remember that the theatre can get warm, especially if it’s a full house. Wear layers and maybe leave the top hat at home – it’ll block someone’s view!

Coat check Most theatres we perform in don’t have a coat check. Please leave bulky items at home if you can, however we know it can get cold at night. Please ensure jackets and bags are well under your seats so they don’t cause a trip hazard.

COVID-19 Help us to keep our audience safe by using the sanitiser provided at venues, as well as following other good hygiene practices. Audience members are welcome to wear a mask if they prefer. We ask that anyone who is unwell stays home. More details are available here.

Children at the ballet Every child is different, and whether they’re old enough to attend a performance depends on a range of factors. All audience members, including little ones that might be sitting on your knee require a ticket to enter. Find out more about our Children at the Ballet and Babes in Arms Policy here.

Live orchestra With live music in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland, don’t forget to give the orchestra a round of applause. If you have time before the show or during interval, you’re welcome to have a look into the pit and give the musicians a wave!

Accessibility If you have special accessibility requests, please view our Venue Access Guides. If you are interested in our Accessibility Programme you can find out more here.

We look forward to welcoming you to the theatre soon!

FAQ's Soloists Damen Axtens and Ana Gallardo Lobaina. Photo by Paul Ross Jones.