5 reasons you need to see Bold Moves

To see the definition of ballet stretched beyond what you recognise.

These choreographers are renowned for taking steps outside of classical ballet and defying the perceived boundaries of what ballet can be. Courage and tenacity moving ballet into the 21st century.

To watch iconic international dance works onstage in New Zealand.

Bold Moves presents a series of landmark works that should be on all dance bucket lists. Balanchine’s 1934 Serenade marries structure with fluidity as 26 dancers float across the stage to Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings. One of the few ballets that can truly be held iconic, it is American ballet’s founding document. William Forsythe’s contemporary influence on the traditional art form is flaunted with larger than life athleticism in 1984’s Artifact II. Andrea Schermoly’s Stand to Reason is symbolic of the iconic suffrage fight, Kate Sheppard and her 1888 pamphlet “Ten Reasons Why A Woman Should Vote”.

To see how dance has evolved over time.

Pointe shoes and tutus versus neon yellow unitards. Tchaikovsky versus Bach spliced with electronica. 1934, 1984 and 2018. Be taken through time with classical and contemporary dance works.

For the beauty of the body in movement.

Watch the elegance of the dancers as they glissade and pirouette with refined technique in the moonlit Serenade. Bright spot lights show bodies warping at intricate angles, testing the edges of their balance in Artifact II. Both flight and fight responses are expressed as women ascend and catapult to the sky, proving their strength as individuals and as one in the shadows of Stand to Reason.

Former First Soloist Katharine Precourt and First Soloist Linnar Looris. Image credit Amitava Sarkar (2016), courtesy of Houston Ballet

To develop a new appreciation for ballet.

As the curtain lowers, the audience will rise. This is a programme of landmark pieces that will warm the soul. Be taken on a journey, where each choreographer perfectly captures the zeitgeist of their time. Uplifting, boundary-defying, passionate works that will enrich you with a new appreciation for ballet as an evolving art form.

Principal Mayu Tanigaito, Soloist Kate Kadow and Dancer Caroline Wiley in Stand to Reason. Image credit Stephen A’Court.

“Watching an evening of Forsythe’s sleek, urban works is like taking a stimulant. Life endlessly circles a very fast and twisty track.”

Deborah Jowitt | Village Voice

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