5 reasons you must see Black Swan, White Swan

The timeless story

Swan Lake is one of ballet’s most loved tales of passion and romance. The Royal New Zealand Ballet gives new life to this timeless classic in this enthralling production, a contemporary twist on the traditional tale.

The emotions – lust, envy, greed

Just like the original, Black Swan, White Swan is a whirlwind of epic emotions, good and evil. Siegfried, battling guilt and lust on his death bed, is torn between two women, the black swan and the white.  Will the redeeming power of love triumph?

Photo credit: Ron McKinney

The Music

Tchaikovsky’s famous music is at the beating heart of the story. Though this is a modern take on the tale, the exquisite score continues to thrill audiences with its romance, drama and tragedy.

The Design

Sleek, simple, sultry. With a backdrop of mirrors and a stage of rippling waves, this production will lure you into the watery depths of the swans. Understated and modern, there are no tutus or pointe shoes in sight, instead men in smart suits and swan maidens in elegant dresses.

Photo credit: Ron McKinney

Based on a true story

Black Swan, White Swan is a deeply personal take on the classic love story. Though based on Swan Lake, at the core of this version is an honest account – this Swan Lake is all too human. The creator of the work, Mário Radačovský, developed Black Swan, White Swan while he was receiving treatment for cancer, watching swans swimming on a lake outside his hospital window. This version of the story is told from the perspective of the male protagonist, Prince Siegfried, as he battles his mortality.

This stylish, provocative, profoundly moving ballet is not to be missed – this is a Swan Lake for our time.

“beguiling, captivating, ultimately enigmatic”

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