Subscriber FAQs

Subscriber FAQs

Who can become a subscriber?

Anyone can become a subscriber.  Subscription tickets are available at both adult and child prices and are perfect for anyone who wants to see multiple shows at a discounted price.

What’s the difference between a subscriber and a single ticket buyer?

A subscriber is someone who commits up front to purchasing a ticket to at least two productions while a single ticket buyer is someone who purchases a ticket to one production at a time.  While a single ticket buyer can wind up buying tickets to multiple productions, it is the commitment up front to buy a ticket to at least two productions within the same purchase that distinguishes a subscriber.

How much does a subscription cost?

This depends on how many performances you wish to attend, your desired venue and preferred seating reserve. Our subscription tickets start as low as $28 for an adult and $20 for a child, so an adult subscription for the minimum two performances during 2017 can be purchased from just $56 or from $40 for a child.

Do I have to pay upfront for the full year?

No, you can take advantage of the flexible payment option and pay in instalments to split the cost.

Do I have to subscribe early to become a subscriber?

A person can choose to subscribe at any time during the season as long as tickets remain available for at least two productions.  However, tickets are subject to availability and the best seats aren’t guaranteed after they go on sale to the general public.  The RNZB recommends subscribing as early as possible to secure yourself the best seats to the performance dates you want.

Can I purchase a subscription across different city centres?

Yes, you can purchase a subscription that covers different cities. Please contact the RNZB prior to submitting your subscription form to discuss your requirements (additional fees may apply).

What if I can’t make my performance date?

Subscribers are incredibly important to the RNZB and we’re here to help you in any way that we can.  We do ask that you choose your dates wisely and plan accordingly, but we understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise.  If you’re unable to make your performance, contact the RNZB at 0800 4 DANCE (32623) as soon as possible to discuss your options.

What’s the phone number for my subscription centre?

For Wellington, Christchurch, or Napier:  0800 RNZB SUBS

For Auckland or Rotorua:  09 970 9745

For Dunedin: 03 477 8597

For Invercargill: 03 211 1692

For Palmerston North: 06 350 2100


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