Dress Circle Events

We invite current supporters at the Dress Circle, Premiere Circle, and Directors’ Circle level to unique events designed to enhance your RNZB experience. You may attend events in the location of your choice.

We will update this page with information about our 2018 Season supporter events as they are planned in late 2017/early 2018. You will have the chance to watch the dancers in company class, attend pre-performance receptions, and join other behind-the-scenes activities. You can learn more about the opportunities in our Dress Circle Summary.

For donors of $250 and above
Join supporters, special guests and senior RNZB management at a private gathering prior to the performance. You are welcome to attend the reception regardless of whether you hold tickets to the performance on that night.
Wellington Saturday 24 February 2018
Auckland Thursday 8 March 2018
Christchurch Wednesday 21 March 2018

For questions, please contact Philanthropy Manager Allison Groves on 04 381 9030 or allisong@rnzb.org.nz.



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